Teleport Services – a secure and reliable hub

As an independent provider, we work closely with all parties on your behalf to ensure smooth transmission and we are trusted to deliver high-profile services.

Closer to you in the design, integration, installation, testing and validation, operation and maintenance of your asset, of your service.

Our offer takes advantage of facilities of both Cheia Teleport, the largest teleport in Central and South-Eastern Europe and Telespazio’s teleports worldwide. 

Our offer through CHEIA Satellite Communication Centre ensures the provision of high quality and cost effective digital satellite technologies solutions as a complement to the terrestrial networks.

Through the CHEIA Space Communication Centre in Romania, we provide access to satellites and orbital positions not visible from  Western Europe enlarging our customer capability to serve their clients.

Through VSAT HUB STATION in Cheia we offer high standards "turnkey" solutions in the case of communications through VSAT stations and wireless terrestrial networks, providing support in all stages of implementation of the services provided.

Operational logistics and field services are active in support to the services provided.

Our offer through Telespazio allows access to award winning teleport facilities and an extensive satellite portfolio. Telespazio network of owned teleport is located in: Europe (of which Fucino Space Centre, is recognised as the first and most important teleport in the world for civilian use) and South America (Brazil and Argentina) 

The most requested range of services are: co-location of rack space and asset in our teleport that customer can manage remotely, dedicated IP connectivity for critical remote areas, internet hosting, fixed satellite services, mobile satellite services and high throughput satellite services. Telespazio provides also hosting and co-location services for mega-constellation Operators, as well as Virtual Network Operator services (VNO) and hosted VNO services and uplink systems located at Customer premises.

For more information about Telespazio’s Space Centres and the services offered, please visit Telespazio’s website at