Sustainability: Working for a sustainable future
Sustainability is the thread that connects everything we do today with the world we will live in tomorrow.

As part of Telespazio, RARTEL is working for a sustainable progress in a safer world. Being part of a responsible Group of companies, we ensure our actions every day, aligning to the same sustainability goals.

Collectively, we are already on a path to sustainable growth, offering highly innovative solutions for institutions, companies and private customers in the field of space services and applications. We contribute to provide geospatial applications that allow territory study and control, maritime surveillance, civil protection, prevention and management of natural events, cartography, agricultural applications, control of vehicle fleets, monitoring of hazardous sites and infrastructures.

And we’re committed to a far-sighted approach to technological innovation too, as a crucial element in global sustainability. It’s an approach that inspires our strategy in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal.